• Scammersspam1

    Nigerian spammers. Inside look

    The spread of the gave rise to many new social phenomena that became possible only with this new type of communication. One of these phenomena is spam. Those who send spam pursue different goals, but we can say that all spammers are, to one degree or another, scammers.

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  • ScammersNigeria Scamm

    Nigerian scammers

    Nigeria makes more profit from online scams than from the sale of its oil. There is practically no area of human life in which Nigerians would not operate.

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  • ScammersDatingscammer

    How to recognize a scammer on his profile description?

    According to the description in the profile, you can easily determine the scammer, it all depends on which one of them you are facing! Usually, scammers create many accounts and work in a standard pattern, so if you own general information about this, you can save yourself.

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  • ScammersAfrica-beaches

    In which countries do the scammers live?

    When I started to study the features of international fraud, I discovered one unpleasant news - the world fraudsters are divided into two types: Russian-speaking and African.

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