• ManAndy Baldwin 40

    Dr. Andy Baldwin, Andrew James Baldwin

    Dr. Andy Baldwin, Andrew James Baldwin is a MD, US Navy officer, triathlete, humanitarian worker, military doctor, and participant in the Dating Game Show. Born February 5, 1977, in Pennsylvania, USA

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  • ManRon Deweese 2

    Ron Deweese

    Ron Deweese is a U.S. Army officer. His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers.

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  • ManKoke Yepes 39

    Koke Yepes

    Koke Yepes is a U.S. Army officer and founder of HQ BRAND. Born July 18, 1988. Koke has been happily on his wife Tiffany for over 11 years and have two beautiful children named Danny and Tiffany!

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  • ManSteve Kalfman 48

    Steve Kalfman

    Steve Kalfman engineer Officer at US Army. Graduate of the University of Montana with a Bachelors in Sociology. Originally from the town of Bakersfield, CA, Steve Kalfman currently resides with his daughter in Lacey, Washington serving in the United States Army.

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