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Good day.

Please forgive me for using this means to reach you but I can't think

of any other way of letting you know the urgent matter at hand. A

national of your country who happens to be a customer of our bank

where I work (Eco Bank Ghana) was a victim of an auto crash in 2017

and he left behind a huge sum of money with interest totaling $10.5

Million, in a dormant account. As his account manager, I have been

mandated to provide his next of kin if there is or the estate will

then revert to the government treasury as an unclaimed bill. I have

contacted you to assist in repatriating his fund valued at $10.5

Million dollars in our Bank. Eco Bank is one of the commercial banks

licensed by the Bank of Ghana. I will furnish you with more details as

soon as I receive your positive response. No risk involved at all.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Ray Daniels.