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From The Desk Of Director
World Health Organization
In Conjunction with
United Nations Organization.

Following the outbreak and spread Corona Virus(COVID 19) Pandemic Globally, We the World Health Organization(WHO) and United Nations have come together to relieve the poor, needy, widows orphans and the downtrodden.

I am fronting on behalf of the United Nations & World Health Organization to contact you because you have been selected to benefit from this support/benefit scheme in the light of the above, the sum of ($850,000) (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S Dollars) has been approved in your favor to support life amid this pandemic.

You were selected through a random online business email and social networks email search, Please if you are rich enough, you can collect this money to assist people in your community.

Kindly Contact Mr. Raymond for the release of your funds:-

Mr. Raymond Anderson
E-mail: donations@undonationawareness.org

Get back to him with your details as stated below:-

Full Names
Full Address
Direct Phone Number

Yours Faithfully

Kimberly Parker