Steve Kalfman

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers. If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money!

Steve Kalfman engineer Officer at US Army. Graduate of the University of Montana with a Bachelors in Sociology. Originally from the town of Bakersfield, CA, Steve Kalfman currently resides with his daughter in Lacey, Washington serving in the United States Army. His career began in 2008 where he enlisted as a young private with dreams of staying in long enough to complete college and move into the corporate world. Fast forward 10 years down the road and one combat tour to Afghanistan, he is still serving on Active Duty, but now as an Engineer Officer. His passion and love for the military stems from his belief in selfless service, putting the welfare of others before your own. Having been involved in multiple charity organizations, to include Montana Wildfire Relief and Habitat for Humanity, Steve believes success is not valued with what you have, but with what you are able to give to others.

Steve Kalfman – Wileyx Steve Kalfman – Instagram

Remember the face of Steve Kalfman if you see him again!

This gallery features photos of Steve Kalfman, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the man in the photos, has no relation to fraud, his photo is used by bad people for benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.

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This site is about online scams! We inform people that they not to be deceived by scammers who use stolen photos.


  1. someone name Slyvester Harley is using this mans pictures on Hangout, to communicate with me. So sad that this has to happen to this man. Just think that I let it be know. I been scammed by this man and it’s not right. For 4 months. Sad.

  2. I was looking for my friend on Plenty of fish and steve was on the site as “Henry” again, that is the name they used a couple of months on me, I reported it to the website as a fraud/ scam and let them know that his identity was stolen and is being used to scam women and told the website to send out a warning to the women on this site, his user name on the website is henrym009477578 look out girls the creeps are still out there.

  3. I looked closer and they are all of steve on his back porch or in his garage, they are all new photos, steve does not desrve this it is horrible

  4. I was just on Militarycupid, they have new photos of steve one is in his garage and there are others but I kno longer have a iphone or anything from being romanced scammed before from using steve’s pictures but all of the pictures are recent they are using the name John 46 saying he lives in Glouster Gloucestershine in the united kingdom I’m going to report it to the dating site they have a report abuse section I don’t know how much it will help, I just feel so bad for sargent Kalfman this is ridiculous

  5. A man under the name Anderson from San Francisco is using Steve’s gorgeous photos and this is on Tinder. I reported him. I have already had 3 guys try to scam me for money, one was an Italian guy – Craig on and then as Tony on, who needed $ for his father’s operation and air fare back from Italy – even went as far to ask me to open a bank account for him?! Another was a faux military guy (photos can be checked online and I recommend all women to do this) and I nailed him after he asked for a steam card for his son, showed him photos online of his face twice and deleted him. Another one used another stolen identity – a Denmark Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen, from Copenhagen – and tried to get me to send him money. I was fooled by the Italian guy but I couldn’t find him online (everyone is online) and then he never could answer the questions I had – so I was suspicious. Stay alert and immediately check their photos online to see if they are using someones pics – once you find it then report it and delete them! Good luck!

  6. Ladies one more thing to save you grief pain and money is facts about the army/ Military that I learned the Hard way is

    1. They never need money for food
    2. They never need money for the internet
    3. They never need money for any type of leave to come home
    4. They never need any money for a marriage certificate and or license
    5. They will never ask you for any Tunes cards, steam cards amazon cards or any type of cards at all
    6. Men in the military would NEVER EVER ask for money if they are asking for money RUN AWAY !!!!!!!!!!! FAR FAR AWAY !!!!!!!!
  7. I thought of a couple of other things I wanted to add to all you women out there, be careful theses scammers are good, stay AWAY FROM PLENTY OF FISH and a email with the name theyare using the Name Henry Matthew and they are cruel they used my love and respect for the Military to scam me and they also used steve’s daughter as well and they not only made me fall in love with sargent Kalfam they made think we were married with a military marriage certificate I have a 10 year old daughter and they made her fall in love with him too, they used sargent Kalfman’s daughter and I fell in with her too, They made me believe that we were going to get married and My 10 year old daughter truly believed that she would have a sister around her same age and I would be her step mom
    They are so cruel !!!! Ladies do your your research, second guess everything the person says to you be careful !!!! remember they are professionals and they can make you believe anything and they can photo shop anything to make you believe them, and if they ever send you a picture of sargent kalfman sitting in a booth holding a sign saying he is 100% real babe trust me I love you it is 100% bullshit !!!! he is holding a cup coffee open your eyes and pay attention, listen to your gut if you feel something is off it is off. The embarrasment and shame and other things I’m feeling I would not wish on anyone it is awful. If someome tells you there is something wrong LISTEN TO THEM !!!!!!!!!!! if it wasn’t for my family I would be in a worse place then I am right now !!!!! I now have to tell my 10 year old daughter that ” Henry” and I broke up, I did tell ” Henry” off and told “Henry that I know that “he” got all of the pictures off of the inernet, I haven’t heard from him again, I’m hoping telling them I know that they are scammers and I know that they got the pictures they sent off the internet will make a difference and Help Sargent Kalfman since he is having touble getting his pictures taken off of the internet.
    Ladies He got married June 5th of this year, he lives in Montana with his wife and I think 2 daughters and he is no longer in the Military he retired in Aug 2019.
    Ladies, Knowledge is power arm yourself with Knowledge so you don’t end up where I am which is Tramatized, it is not Sargent Kalfman’s fault I don’t blame him I really feel bad for him he is a victim too and he doesn’t deserve this either, he is a good guy who is doing a lot of good in the world with his charty work and his excerise business and motivating others to believe in themselves and he served our country, I did file a report with the FBI and the FTC and I don’t know it it will help but is is something. Ladies I beg you to have your eyes wide open and protect yourself and listen you your family friends and your gut, and protect yourself !!!!!!
    Take care of yourself !!!!!!!

  8. Someone is still using Steve’s profile to scam women,women I was recently a victim of a romance scam using Steve’s picture his Picture was on POF the dating site “Henry” was very convincing I fell for it hook line and sinker they are professionals they even used his little girl to scam me and I unfortunatley brought my little girl into the scam as well which makes me even more sick, I have to break the news to her that “Henry” is not real and it is going to kill her. I feel really bad for Sargent Kalfman he does not deserve this at all and I’m sorry that he is being so mistreated and has to go through this because he isn’t getting his pictures taken down as requested that is no way to treat someone who served his country for so many yeasrs and he is a family man. I have great respect for him and his family and I wish him well and congraulate him on his recent marriage.
    Yesterday I did file a report with the FTC and The FBI and I hope that will help Sargent Kalfman and to help other women from being romance scammed
    wishing the Kalfman’s the best

  9. hey all of you dumbasses, yeah I would love to have this guy wrapped around me, but if you zoom in on any of his pics, it says asteve_3111… this guy is a military hero, has a daughter and is engaged to be married. He is motivational and a believer in God, people are just stealing his pics because he is so beautiful

  10. Someone is using his picture on Happn. I’ve been through so many fake profiles on several different sites so I know when someone is fake. So I would let the real Steve know that someone is using his profile picture on happn right now

    1. This guy sent me a message on Happn also few days back, using the name DavidK. He said he is US mil and is located in Phoenix, wants to chat on hangouts! None of these pics are on there but he has 2 pics with dogs. How do these fake people get accounts on these sites?

  11. Just an FYI – I know the real Steve and his fiancee. My husband served with him. Steve got out of the military in August 2019 and no longer lives in Washington State. He lives with his fiancee and he’s getting married in a few months. He and his fiancee know all about the scams and can’t do anything to stop them. Even when Steve reports fakes on Facebook or Instagram impersonating him, they often don’t get removed

    1. Have a look on fitbit they are using him now with the name Alec Kaleman…. user name is Alec K

    2. people just need to zoom in and see all pics have asteve_3111, it goes back to the real guy

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