• NewsChibueze romance scam

    Nigeria’s Chibueze cracked in Cambodia over romance scam

    Nigeria’s Chukwueke Felix Chibueze has been arrested by the Cambodian police for engaging in romance scam on social media.

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  • ManDragan Šutanovac

    Dragan Šutanovac

    Dragan Šutanovac is a Serbian politician, former leader of the Democratic Party, and former Minister of Defence in the Government of Serbia.

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  • ManWilliam B. Caldwell IV

    William B. Caldwell IV

    William B. "Bill" Caldwell IV was born January 24, 1954, is a retired United States Army officer and the current President of Georgia Military College. Scammers use his photo on dating sites and social media.

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  • Scammers

    How to protect yourself from a military-romantic scam?

    Have you met or have been talking on the for some time with someone who says he is a military man? Did he ask you for money or documents? You may be looking for true love, but you have likely become a victim of one of the thousands of military scammers on the .

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  • Scammers

    How to understand that you are already being used for fraud?

    What should a scammer do when a girl is beautiful, but she has no money? Imagine the situation, the scammer carried out preparatory work with the girl and fell in love with herself, but it turned out that the girl had no money, he was mistaken, he initially chose the wrong victim. He had already spent time, so he should…

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  • Scammersvictim

    What can you do if you become a victim of an online scam from a social network?

    We are stupid, people who live in an ordinary calm world, we are absolutely stupid and unfit for the dangers of the external environment.

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  • Bloggirl laptop

    Мy first meeting with a scammer. How to identify a real scammer when you first met him?

    There are certain criteria by which fraudsters choose a victim, and if you meet least half of their requirements, then be sure they will find you.

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  • Scammersspam

    Advance-fee scam. Hello from Nigeria!

    Have you ever received an email asking for help in conducting a multi-million dollar money transaction with good commissions?

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  • Woman

    Andi Land, Andi Pink

    Andi Land, Andi Pink is an adult model. Born April 11, 1988, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She began her modeling career in 2005 and is currently engaged in it. It has its own active website.

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  • Man

    Richard Terry

    Richard Terry is an Australian man. His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers.

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  • ManDavid Avrin_scammerinfo

    David Avrin

    David Avrin is the world-famous Visible Coach, one of the most sought-after marketing speakers. It has an audience in North America and in many other business and cultural capitals of the world.

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  • WomanKatie Banks

    Katie Banks

    Katie Banks is a Canadian adult film actress who has been webcaming and has been running her website for the past 6 years. Katie was shot for Playboy, then she created a promo site for her work as a model.

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  • Man

    Joe Cross

    Joe Cross, born May 30, 1966, is an Australian entrepreneur, author, director and health advocate. He is best known for his documentary «Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead», in which he tells the story of his quick 60-day weight loss.

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  • Blogdanielle-delaunay

    Scam on dating sites. Beautiful white girls from West Africa

    With the rapid development of social networks, our life is gradually being transferred to the virtual world where dangers lurk. Sometimes it can affect the size of the wallet, sometimes reputation, but the worst is when it hurts the morale of the whole family!

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  • WomanDani Daniels_scammerinfo

    Dani Daniels

    Dani Daniels is an American model, adult film actress, director, amateur artist and stripper. Born on September 23, 1989, Orange, California, USA.

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  • WomanDanielle Delaunay_scammerinfo

    Danielle Delaunay

    Danielle Delaunay is an American erotic model and adult film actress. Born on May 29, 1988, Bosier City, Louisiana, USA. One of the most eccentric-glamor models on the Internet.

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  • ManJim Newman

    Jim Newman

    Jim Newman is an American actor, writer, producer and director. He was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, currently lives in Burbank, California.

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  • Mandoctor david b samadi

    Dr. David B. Samadi

    Dr. David B. Samadi is one of the most prominent surgeons in the field of robotic oncology, operating in New York City, USA.

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  • WomanBriana Lee

    Briana Lee

    Briana Lee is an American adult model, partly of Italian and Chinese origin. She was born on January 25, 1988, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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  • ManJosh Porter

    Joshua M. Porter

    Joshua M. Porter - was a paratrooper in the US Army. Born in Destin, Florida.

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