• ManTristan BL Siegel

    Colonel Tristan BL Siegel

    Tristan BL Siegel - Retired Military Intelligence Colonel, international corporate trial lawyer, and consultant. He is married, happy and not looking for any new relationship. 

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  • BlogRomance Scams on dating app

    Marriage/Dating Scams: Where to Report?

    Every year the level of technology is getting higher, respectively, and the methods of fraudsters are improving. Romantic scam occurs when a criminal adopts a fake online identity (fake profile) to gain the love and trust of a victim, a scammer uses the illusion of a romantic or close relationship to manipulate the victim.

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  • ManRichard Ojeda

    Richard Ojeda

    Richard Neece Ojeda II was born October 25, 1970, in Rochester, Minnesota. He is an American politician and retired United States Army major who served in the West Virginia Senate representing the 7th district from 2016 until 2019. A member of the Democratic Party, he ran a brief campaign for President of the United States in the 2020 election. Richard…

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  • ManSgt. Gabriel Fanelli

    Sgt. Gabriel Fanelli

    Sgt. Gabriel Fanelli is a military man whose photos were stolen from his Instagram account, now scammers are using them, even Fox News wrote an article about it.

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  • Newsi-love-you-message-on-mobile-phone

    Man ordered to pay €14,000 to two women following involvement in romance scam

    A 36-year-old Nigerian has admitted his involvement in a romance scam ring which defrauded two women. Romance fraud is a type of fraud where the victim believes that they are in a relationship with another person and gives them money as a result.

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  • ManSSgt Mason


    SSgt Mason E Vasquez or SSgt Mason Edwards at the moment there is no any other information. Photos of Mason can be found on various social media and dating sites.

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  • ManDoug Hackman

    Douglas Scott Heckman

    Douglas Scott Heckman politician, ex-military. Doug is married, has 2 sons and a daughter. He is not divorced, separated, widowed. You can see his photo on various social media and dating sites.

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  • ManTyler Thomas

    Tyler Thomas

    Tyler Thomas staff sergeant of marines. Scammers using his photos. He only has an Instagram account with 43.6k followers and is happily married with children.

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  • ManRichard C. Kim

    Gen. Richard C. Kim

    Richard C. Kim is a retired United States Army brigadier general. Kim has served on staff at multiple levels of command, including Battalion, Regiment, Sub-unified Combatant Commands, Multinational NATO Operational command, and the Army Staff.

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  • ManMaj. Chris Haggard

    Maj. Chris Haggard

    Chris Haggard is a U.S. Army major.

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  • ManPaul Krumenacker

    Paul Krumenacker

    Captain Paul Krumenacker, former US Marine. On Facebook, he warns everyone that scammers are using his photo, social media do not want to delete these fake profiles.

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  • ManTristan King

    Sgt. Tristan King

    Tristan King is a Marine stationed in Southern California and a social media influencer, has 81k followers under him Instagram account. He posts many inspirational work-out photos and videos to motivate him to continue living a healthy lifestyle while encouraging others to do the same.  Happily married, not looking for any relationship.

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  • WomanHannah Winterbourne

    Hannah Winterbourne

    Hannah Winterbourne (Hannah Graf) is retired British Army Captain from 2019. Hannah has been married since March 2018. She has a child. Has a verified Instagram account with 57.3k followers.

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  • WomanCastro Jissok

    Spc. Jisook Castro

    Spc. Jisook Castro is an American soldier, married and is not looking for love on all known dating sites. She has a private Instagram account with over 5k followers. 

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  • WomanSgt. Jill Stevens

    Jill Stevens

    Sgt. Jill Stevens  was born February 28, 1983. She is a combat medic in the Utah Army National Guard and served as a medic during an 18-month tour in Afghanistan

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  • WomanHeather Arnett

    Heather Arnett

    Heather Arnett is an Aviation Operations Specialist with the Missouri Army National Guard. She has an Instagram account with more than 46.8K followers.

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  • ManJames Albert Tracht

    James Albert Tracht

    James Albert Tracht is a military man, married, has a child, happily married, not looking for any relationship. Has a Facebook account (james.trachtiii) with only new photos.

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  • ManSgt. Daniel Blood

    Sgt. Daniel Blood

    Sgt. Daniel Blood is a military man, his photos are used by scammers on various social media and dating sites.

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  • ManCorby Maupin

    Corby Maupin

    Corby Maupin is an American soldier, married, his photos are used by scammers on various social media and dating sites.

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