Mister X

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers. If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money!

Mister X – real person is unknown. He can be a doctor, a US general, a Russian general, a scientist, an oil rig engineer; he is everything your mother wishes her son-in-law to be. And he is fake. When your friend has this face, you can be sure he is a fake. This man is not in social media and no longer in the internet; scammers ruined his career by using his pics. When you find his pics, it is used for scam or it is a warning for scam. Many pictures used by scammers are photoshopped with his face. There are also videos with this man on it, scammers use modified versions to make you believe in them.

Remember this person’s face if you see him again!

The gallery features photos of an unknown person which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the man in the photos, has no relation to fraud, his photo is used by bad people for benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.   Internet Valkyrja English

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