Shane Nickels

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers.
If you saw his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money!

Shane Nickels is a US Marine, happy father, fitness model, social media star, famous for his Shanenickels Instagram account. There he gained popularity thanks to his personal photos, lifestyle, fitness tips and selfies. He has over 116,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Remember the face of Shane Nickels if you see him again!

This gallery contains photos of Shane Nickels, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the man in the photos, has no relation to fraud, his photo is used by bad people for benefits!

If you guys have been following me you’ve seen I got a puppy.. and in the last couple weeks he has GROWN! For all you dog lovers out there hope this brightens your day lol 😝❤️🐶

Gepostet von Shane Nickels am Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019

Shane is waging a personal war against the scammers on his Instagram blog. He encourages women to be smart and thinking. He collects all fake accounts with his photos and publishes in his story. Shane asks not to write him messages with claims, he himself knows that his photos are used by scammers.

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.

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This site is about online scams! We inform people that they not to be deceived by scammers who use stolen photos.
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I have a video he sent me of him singing if he is not a predator how did someone else supposedly get him in a live video in his apartment I have this video on my old account

Dulcie Cordrey

Hi.. I am Australian and the person known has David Carmen, is also Share Nickolas. The person useing his details is really great at what he does .. Thankyou Dulcie Cordrey. .. I actually brought X amount of iTunes cards
Feel rather silly actually; And the scaming person is still insistent that he is the real person. Okay again thanks,; Cheers.


A catfisher using the photos was on the dating site POF plenty of fish. He made me go to WhatsApp under number +44 7723 048761 the things they were saying weren’t adding up being half South African and Australian military based in Zetland but deployed in England that was clue number And red flag one number, two he sent a pic in uniform that was the give away his army uniform was clearly not Australian. Google the name he gave me Thomas Nickels google it found this site. So dodge! Hopefully he hasn’t stolen my identity but it seemed more… Read more »


This man calls himself Richard Greg sergeant of the United States Navy, and he is a scammer, he brings photos of Shame Nickels on his profile


I just got catfished or whatever. I made a whatsapp just a hour ago because i could tell this f**ker was fake and i wanted to see for real lol. so i got the fake 12122102365 fake number i knew that area code wasn’t from where he said he was from. And his conversations were giving off red flags lol. I google imaged his shirt less photo and seen it said Shane Nickels. I told the idiot behind this to f**k off and go catfish some fat naive b*tch! I’m not one. I sent him a photo of Shane Nickels… Read more »

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