Thomas Lindegaard Madsen

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers. If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money!

Thomas Lindegaard Madsen (born 1972) – Danish captain, is the director of AP Møller – Mærsk A / S from April 10, 2018. Qualification: captain in the Maersk Line since 2011. Technical, maritime and operational knowledge related to the shipping activities of the group. Not considered independent due to employment in A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. Thomas Lindegard Madsen took part in 7 of 7 Board meetings in 2018.

Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen – Investor.maersk

Remember the face of Thomas Lindegaard Madsen if you see him again!

This gallery features photos of Thomas Lindegaard Madsen, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the man in the photos, has no relation to fraud, his photo is used by bad people for benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.

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This site is about online scams! We inform people that they not to be deceived by scammers who use stolen photos.
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Me envio amistad por facebook un tal Capitan Thomas Winterfeld y algo me parecio sospechoso y busque autenticidad de perfil. El que esta detrás la imagen es un psicopata que busaca enamorar mujeres . NO tengo el gusto de conocer al verdadero, pero LAMENTO LO QUE LE PASA. YO LO REPORTE EN FACEBOOK HANGOUS, LINKEDLN el que pueda reportelo en twitter


I met him on LinkedIn he was very convincing and I’ve been trained in fraud
He is registered as one of your colleagues in Maersk. I’ve reported him to LinkedIn and to Maesrek

Irena B.

I met him on FB, he send a friend request, I didnt confirm. But we chatted on messesnger and then went on whatsap. His working number is+1(213)3407534 his presented name Giovanni Buccio. We had conversation. A story : A widower from Bologna, lost his wife, has two houses, one in Prague (I am Czech) now working at oil rig near California. Contract finishing in December, wants to meet me and start new life with me…




Had the name greg Taylor appear and low and behold all the photos he has sent me are that of Thomas lindegaard madsen the real man behind this scum who is posing as him even text me this evening God he so pathetic thankfully I worked years ago in immigration around the port of felixstowe he got the heave ho but he keeps coming back with a total load of bullshit keeping information on the ratbag and sending it out to all the single ladies around my area so if anyone wants any information I have some that may help


He sent me a friend request on facebook and called himself Thomas Muller. In addition he wrote: 🇳🇴Captain and more⚓🛳🛳 sea linking and shore⚓🛳🛳member of board of directors @maersk_officials⚓🛳

I did not add him. Instead I took a look at his friends list and saw many pics of people from Lagos / Nigeria and Benin. I became suspicious and searched the net for this pic and found the true owner of the pic.


I am from Switzerland and fell in Love with him last week. His Pseudonym was David Miguel, coming from Texas and starting a new life in Switerland with his mother. He told me to travel to Istanbul for 1 month from where he was missing me and wanted to come to visit me this weekend. He asked me for money because there was no monetary transaction possible there. And he asked for pictures from my house, my tattoos and nudes. Thanks to God I didnt give him but my heart is bleeding now. He found me on a dating app… Read more »


Captain Thomas is a scanner, his images are used by Nigerians, he is always attacking on Twitter, I have exposed him twice on Twitter as a scammer, I dropped his accounts, beware !!! Behind a beautiful photo is a group of Nigerians cheating.


But he is not a Scammer, just used by nigerian Scammers. God will judge those people for what they are doing!! 👊🏽

Maria Frois

Hi, in my case, he send me a friend request on Facebook. He told me he was looking for a friendship and a possible relationship. His name was William Carlson,had a 7 years old son, and was a naval Engineer at Maersk Liverpool. I started to find strange that I could be the love of his life in a week time. I checked the Liverpool staff and I discovered his foto as a scam date. I confronted him, but I do not know how to report him


Я тоже общалась в Телеграмме с этим красавцем несколько дней. Знала сразу, что за фото мошенник. Представился Thomas Wilson, 49 лет, вдовец из Канады, работает по контракту в море,сыну 14 лет, живет в интернате. Через два месяца выходит на пенсию и хочет переехать жить в Россию . К слову, на второй день начал заваливать комплиментами и спрашивать согласна ли я быть с ним (причем ему сказала, что у меня есть муж :) Будет строить бизнес в моем городе и жить со мной в России. А я совсем не в России:) Вообщем, согласилась, сказала что поговорю с мужем, через день написала,… Read more »


Same here with me his name is Thomas vlademar and he is the captain and he is going to Australia and that time he is in problem his ship is sinking so he has to calllrescue and safehis passenger meanwhile he has to bye material and his banking account is not working he asked me to help him $ 11000, it was last night .


He contacted me on POF he goes by Thomas John Pitrowsky, I was able to confront him. He is a Black male. He had asked me for my personal Account claiming he would pay my debts but I had to give him access to them. Obviously I didnt do it. He said he lived in Denver. And was a captain just like the original male …I even have a phone for this idiot that I am going to report.

Denise Murray

He contacted me on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I have met scammers before and I am not easily convinced of people’s identity. He told me that his name was Thomas Morgan and he just moved back to Detroit MI which was his home town. He moved back because his parents we killed in Dubai recently. They had lived there for over 50 years. I have been searching recently to find his scam and I found it



Anne Van Herreweghe

I met him today in Tinder under the name Calvin. He said his real name is Thomas, Calvin Brieuc, working as engineer for Maersk. His English was not good enough for a captain, so I checked him out


I just received his msgs as well at plenty of fish site.. he asked to contact me thru hangout.. it’s too good to be true so I asked him to videochat right away and googled his name. He then right away blocked me. So I sent screenshots of the real captain warning people about the scammers. I sent it to his POF then he blocked me right away too!

Bonnie Lehr

I had one as well.. calling himself Kerme Walls…


I was contacted on Instagram dm by someone using these photos. Claiming to be a widower with 13yo son. He pretends to be captain of a ship traveling from the US to Israel. Apparently looking for a new life with a lady. Stopped, blocked and reported him. Please do the same.

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