Dani Daniels

Have you seen this girl before? Her photos are very popular among African scammers. If you have seen her photo on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer, with the goal of earning money on the deception of gullible people!

Dani Daniels is an American model, adult film actress, director, amateur artist and stripper. Born on September 23, 1989, Orange, California, USA. Winner of the XBIZ Award in the category “Best Performer of the Year.”

Dani Daniels – Wiki

Remember the face of Dani Daniels if you see her again!

This gallery features photographs of Dani Daniels, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the girl in the photos has nothing to do with fraud, her photo is used by bad people for benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.

romancescam.com   fake-scam.info   scamsurvivors.com   scamhatersutd.blogspot.com   scamwarners.com   youtube.com

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This site is about online scams! We inform people that they not to be deceived by scammers who use stolen photos.
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Brandon Duncan

Hey this is my Cousins Girlfriend. You guys better not be cheating on him with her!…. Damn I got to go break the bad news to him. Atleast though I learned who she is and will go show her some appreciation on Pornhub lol :)


The exact same thing has happened to me.
i’ve been talking to this woman who i thought was very pretty for 8 months. because i dont watch porn i had no clue who she was so i assumed this lovely sensitive woman is really willing to move country for me and be with me.
but she clearly just scammed and shattered my confidence.
any advice on this subject i deleted her however she can still find me right?


her name was supposedly vivian vanessa doris.


Be on the look out for a person going by the name Ricky berry. Started talking to her a month ago and things were fine. Then she kept asking for me to open an account so she could receive money from her clients. Apparently she was some kind of jelwer but had no personal account or registered busin s in order to send or receive money. Noticed that her pictures looked similar and realized that they were pics of Dani daniels. So started looking on these sites and realized for sure that it was a scam. Hell the ID she… Read more »

Robert Campbell

Someone is using your photos to scam men


dani daniels i don’t blame you have every right to be mad i agree with you i got played you know what i am done with that shit its over because all them fucking scammers out there are nothing more then a bunch of son of a bitches who are a bunch of pricks and asswholes and i hope them scammers rot in hell

253 777 1512

Is there any government agencies that handle this ?
Im not here to tell war stories im here to try and stop this not for Dani but for all us stupid trusting men
She has texted me 3 times since i started writing this
Here is the # she is using right live time
210 625 7326
I hope this will be helpful

253 777 1512

I am right now texting a woman who says she is Dani i know she isnt
I want to know if there is anything i can do to help stop this i have the phone # dhe is texting me from


The only thing that can be done is to block her and stop talking. There is no way to stop it. They use free Google Voice, Text Now and other online VOIP numbers. Or they get other victims in the US to send them phones with pay as you go SIM cards. Most of the scammers are in Ghana and Nigeria where the local police do nothing to prevent scams


I was scammed with the pics of Dani Daniels with a Ghana scammer it now running at 05-01-2020.. using the name JoAnn Lowery /Shirley Jarret .. they are real good.. i even have a passport of that because i asked.. stupid ?? Thank you very much.. but it not happen again.. i talk about thousands of people that are scammed with your pictures.. i read on internet that your pics are real popular at afrikan mob /gangs that some people are real pissed of of react it off on you miss Daniels.. i would be real concirned if i were… Read more »

when IT gets used in this story as a reffence Disclaimer True or Not Date 10/21/2019 start date I to feel to her being Pretty Love, it was very nice and liked to talk a lot also playing of becoming nurse wasn’t long and it wanted to share to prove it was for whom it said it to be sent a NHIS republic of Ghana insurance card with Electoral card, Going By Ann Q. last name will not be used. and well a 2 days of good convo was grand. talking of how she like to come see me after… Read more »

Brandon Duncan

I believe you left out the parts where you rubbed a couple out to some of Dani Daniels videos but I do like your post.


I was scammed for a serious amount of money by African scammer going under name of Junia Etow Takoh. She has been scamming me for money over 4 months period. Beware of this person cause she is really convincing, and senseless. She would cry on the phone telling me that her mother died day before she was supposed to come to me and bunch of other lies. BEWARE OF HER


Damm man you really talk to her ?? I tried but she keep saying her phone is not working good.. lets say she.. it can be a he to.. oww man that would not be nice.. i have real serious conversations with her.. i read all i have to stop that.. i conviced that Dani say something would help much

rose mary

stop loving scammers….video call her to see if she is real or not….im here real and ready for a video call

Bill Specian

I have been recently been scammed by someone using dani daniels puctures. On 10/10/19 the scammer used a picture of dani daniels showing her face beat up and said it was done by her friend. Because she got out of the escort business and wanted to be a nurse.

Bill Specian

The name the scammer used using dani daniels pictures was conny schwartz.

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