• MANKeith Johnston (Cowboy)

    Keith Johnston (Cowboy)

    Keith Johnston - better known as "Cowboy". At the moment, little is known about him, his photo can be found on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and of course dating sites, everywhere with different names.

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  • SCAMMERSDatingscammer

    How to recognize a scammer on his profile description?

    According to the description in the profile, you can easily determine the scammer, it all depends on which one of them you are facing! Usually, scammers create many accounts and work in a standard pattern, so if you own general information about this, you can save yourself.

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  • SCAMMERSscammers

    Who is a scammer?

    Scammer is a fraudster who collects personal information about users by using it for personal gain, most often for receiving monetary assistance, or gifts.

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