• MANJonathan Marsh

    Jonathan Marsh

    Jonathan E. Marsh born February 10, 1976, he is a fitness instructor, volunteer, and small business owner in Oklahoma City.

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  • MANJonas Sofly

    Pilot Jonas (JONAS_SOFLY)

    Pilot Jonas (JONAS_SOFLY) was born and raised in Munich, Germany. Jonas - pilot, blogger, traveler. He flies on an A350 airliner around the world, takes a lot of photos from different countries. He goes in for fitness, thanks to this he has an excellent physical shape. Jonas has a verified Instagram account with 144K followers. His photo is used by…

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  • MANPatrick Biedenkapp

    Captain Patrick Biedenkapp

    Patrick Biedenkapp from Germany, commercial pilot and blogger who is known for running the PilotPatrick website and Instagram where he shares blogging related stories from his travels along with photos of him flying as well.

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  • MAN

    Stuart James

    Stuart James is a pilot, retired sergeant in the US Army. Former Civil Aviation Officer at Aviance International. He is happily married and lives with his young wife in Memphis, Tennessee, not looking for love on the .

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