Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers. If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money!

Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto is a renowned neurosurgeon from Sao Paulo, Brazil who is also a consultant on television shows. He has over 1 million followers on Facebook and over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto – YouTube Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto – fernandoneuro

Remember the face of Fernando Gomez Pinto if you see him again!

This gallery features photos of Fernando Gomez Pinto, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the man in the photos, has no relation to fraud, his photo is used by bad people for benefits!

In this video, Dr. Fernando Gomez Pinto warns that scammers use his photos to cheat in order to make money. He asks everyone to be more attentive!

This video belongs to Dr. Fernando Gomez Pinto but is voiced by a scammer. Scammer is trying to confirm that he is real, he says that he is not a fake and he loves the woman to whom he turns, hopes to live with her the rest of his life.

Another video with a very bad voice acting from the scammer! The guy says hello to the woman and says that he loves her very much!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.

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This site is about online scams! We inform people that they not to be deceived by scammers who use stolen photos.
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Cricket C

A man claiming to be Alberto R James is on TikTok using these photos to catfish.

Kaye Doe

How do we send pictures to you? You guys should have a photo gallery of Dr. Guilherme Scheibel because his photos have been used by scammers plenty of times. Women on Facebook have come forward and it turns out I’m not alone. I’m not the only one who has been deceived. Dr. Guilherme Scheibel is a Brazilian doctor specializing in rhinoplasty. He seems to be popular in Brazil.

Stolen Photos

My sister has been talking to a man who says he is from Dublin Ireland for three months now. He said his name is George. So yestarday i said let me say hello to George so i chatted with him for a couple minutes on whats app and right away i realized he did not have an irish accent. It sounded like a nigerian accent. So my sister asked to see him on skype. He had sent her alit if pictures of himself .a very handsome man. She skyped with him but couldnt even see his face the lighting was… Read more »

Kaye Doe

Did your sister send money to this guy? Hope she didn’t.


No she did not send him any money thank god!


Did you get scammed from someone like that from nigeria too ? He found my dister on Facebook but im glad she didnt give him any money but she has a broken heart for sure.


I have also been contacted, very suspicious of scams so dug a bit deeper. The name used was Alex Marcus Donald aged 53 from Florida USA works in Germany, deployed to Sanaa, Yemen 8 months ago with 1 month to go. Said he was a Orthopedic surgeon treating wounded soldiers. He said he has a Daughter schooling in Islington, London 11 years old her name, Pamela. He said he was Widowed his wife died in a car accident 5 years ago on her way back from shopping on her birthday. His Parents died when he was only 10 years old… Read more »

Nadine De Meester

Hallo .ik ben er met de moment mee bezig. Hij gebruikt de foto’s ook van De Fernando Games Pinto . Zit nu op Facebook onder de naam van Arthur robbie als orthopedisch chirurg en zit voor hulp in Jemen we hadden al bijna 2 maanden goede gesprekken maar was zogezegd op mijn foto smoorverliefd geworden. Na veel liefdes verhalen en mooie filmpjes begon hij dat hij mij alleen vertrouwde om mij iets te vragen om te helpen en niemand anders had .Ook zijn vrouw en ouders waren overleden had een dochter en zoon .en wou naar België komen om mij… Read more »

Scammer !

My sister was scammed by dr fernando gomes pinto. He contacted her on facebook . He skyped with her and its really him .Some scammers have stole his picture but hes also scamming people too !

fernando gomes pinto.jpg
Kaye Doe

But your sister is not actually talking to the real Dr. Fernando. It’s all fake.


This person is impersonating him, posing as Fati Kachalla, a doctor from London:


urrently scamming a friend of mine on posing as a Dr. Kevin Williams supposedly on a “retreat” or “peace mission” in Syria tending to soldiers!!!


He is Frank Rodriguez using Dr Pinto’s photo’s as his own, Said he contacted Interpol about him using his pics . He is in Afghanistan under the Spains UN. as an Orthopedic Dr. I talked with him for 3 months on Hangouts. He first asked for steam cards , then amazon . Then asked for 8800.00 to retrieve a investment package in a security company in france. He is charming and used words to reel you in. I fell for it at first , but then when he asked for a Versace bathrobe to sleep in at night. I knew.… Read more »


He had me going. contacted me on TikTok under Gary scott and hangouts. Said he was a dr. working in Yemen. but I used the reverse pic on google and I confronted him calling him a scammer and he blocked me on all social media. He is still on tiktok even though I have complained he is scamming. this person is still out. there. have found him on word with friends too

Maria Pilarski

I received a message and a photo that looks like this Dr. F Pinto in Instagram but he introduced himself as Johnny Faevel to me. The grammar and spelling of his English was not fluent. But anyway he ask a lot of questions, and then he says that his wife died from Vehicle Accident and that he is widow. The conversation with him was a couple of weeks, I was very suspicious then. Then he later ask me to pay his medical bills, 5K but I got so worried and ignored it completely.


The Dr’s pictures I have seen all over POF and is now on Facebook dating


Yes he is on FBDating website by the name Jeffrey I saw his picture of Dr pinto it’s the third time n report to FB


I live in Chicago he was on Hppn… used his actual real name Dr. Fernando Gomes. I just googled his name and found out..fake


This scammer claimed to be Alexander a dutchman working in Copenhagen as a mechanical engineer. I got suspicious when I read his writing in English is far off and I asked him to write to me in dutch, he just kept on dodging, I know any dutch person would be happy to oblige to that simple request. He said that “Hague City” is a neighbourhood in Amsterdam (hahaha), he can’t even spells Copenhagen correctly. I was already suspicious on the first day which was yesterday, and today I decided to google the photo and it lead me here.


Lähestyi miua nimellä Michael Park ja Jolly ja sanoi olevansa kirurgi ja on YK työtehtävissä Jemenissä.


The scammer posted as Michael Gaona in Internations in Nov 2019. He writes very well. I was suspicious when he used Dr Pinto’s photos. Because Dr is too good looking. But I play along with the scammer. After correspondence through hangout for 6 months, he finally asked me to be his beneficiary for First Shares LLC and said he is in Jordan & has problem to access his US account in North Carolina to buy Covid 19 Testing kits. He even provided the specification and documents for the test kits in China. It is a syndicate group looking for victims… Read more »


Ik denk dat er iemand jouw foto al twee keer met een andere naam ook op Instagram en hang out zit

Susan Tackett

Sad that they do this to a well known doctor and family man. I guess because he is one of the most most handsome men in the world.

Scammer !

No its really the doctor ! He skyped with my sister several times. People have stole his pictures but he is also scamming people too !

Scammer !

No the real dr fernando gomez pinto was talking live with her and saying her name. Its really him. My sister should know. Shes had many conversations with him luve on skype !

Scammer !

He was sitting there on skype face to face talking to her ! They were talking back and fourth to each other on skype !


Now is using James Richard, has a son with 14 years who losts his MasterCard and renew it he needed 260$, beacause is in Spain and he has no way to access his account in USA. He said he lived in North Carolina and he was a nautic engenneer…LOL
He’s now using the fwr email !
i’m portuguese

Lisa Stites

He also goes by the name Steve Raymond he is a widower he has a daughter 15 years old going to boarding school is home is in Austin Texas he tried to get me to help him pay for a flight to the United States from Syria as he was unable able to access his dormant account in the USA now I met him thru a Huskey dogs Cute puppies fb
He said he was an orthopedic doctor working in Damascus at the Al-Tanf Base in

Lisa Stites

He also uses the name Dr Steve raymond

A Griffin

He was using name Roy Sanchez and using phone # 1-862-253-1068. Number is traces to New Jersey.

A Griffin

He contacted me using the name of Roy Sanchez but using image of Dr Gomes Pinto. Stated he worked for UN as a pediatric surgeon. Scammed me 7k


Pues a mi también se me acercó, hablaba español pero note que lo que decía y tú le preguntas no coincide…. Se diceia ser un doctor en ortopedia ya tenía mis dudas y busque el hospital y nada, hizo un viaje a Washington a una confierencia, y de una me dijo que yo debía ser su esposa pero que no le dijera a nadie de lo nuestro, ya más dudas borro su Facebook por que el figura pública, yo ya le seguí el juego, y le mande mi foto a unas amigas y una de ellas encontró todo esto,…. Y… Read more »

Birgit Claus

Auch mich hat er versucht zu täuschen bei mir nennt er sich Heinrich Wilson aus Boston mit 6. jährigen Sohn der im Internat leben soll. Versucht für seinen Urlaub Geld von mir zu bekommen

Gabriella Horváth

Just had a long chat with him. Claiming to be Paul Schuhmacher, surgeon with UN in Afghanistan. Wife died in leukemia, has a daughter in San Francisco. Hoping for me to his partner for life. I got suspicious, googled his photo, ended up at this article.

Mairi Webber

He is Eduardo Antonio on POF! Vey convincing & even used voiced over videos of Dr Fernando Gomez Pinto but said the sound won’t work lol!

Lise Valentin

Well he found me on facebook. He uses the name Lawrence Williams. I have done reverse Image search. I send him the proof of his deceat. Supposedly an Engineer. Have not asked me for money. He clearly realised early on Im no idiot. I have found a couple of them approaching me before. But this time I got angry. And told him that this man who’s pictures he is using is as much a victim as I am. He is still trying. I want to say Dr Pinto I am sorry that you are being made a victim as well.… Read more »

Gabriella Horváth

That was my method too, reverse image search. I got suspicious after 4 days.


He contacted me on , called himself Ryan, a USA doctor in Afganistan.


I dont care if you have been publishef my emsil address in the oublic let it be om honest so all true compared you all scammers you bettet stop alll this making people believed scammers are the victim stop involve the innocent people if you scammers are not serious to the relationship dont play he victims the feelings you scammers wants to scam set aside Your wickedness doing illigal things over emotiond Heastless people no conscience just to make money including all this business ads fake people stop posting fake profile even u scammers profile personal info are sll fake… Read more »

Esther Sterchi

On he contacted me under the name: Mario David – a surgeon working for Doctors without borders in Jemen. I stoped after a couple days because we didn’t have the same interests. No harm done.


. He claims he is on duty in Afghanistan on behalf of the UN, who is a widower and has an 8-year-old girl named Lily. and he sent me a photo of yours with your daughter Lara. He made me believe his life is in danger and to send money to the UN to release him from his duty in the UN, i sent more than 10’000 USD which i don’t have. I have all the supposed correspondence with the UN. i also have all the money transfer and the bank details to where i transferred the money. i think… Read more »

Gavin Boloski

He is still doing it out here but didn’t fall for his story luck find this site


I did the same. He told me he had an 11-year-old daughter named Lia, even had a “nurse“ call me from the UK, saying he was in the hospital and was hit by a car. He claimed he had lost his backpack and people were following him because he had bought a diamond from an auction. This goes on and on. Somehow, this person hacked into my mobile phone account, and has found my name on the dark web and is trying to make purchases in my name and running my credit. Hopefully, I have done everything I am capable… Read more »


Hey, sorry for your losses. Contact me on, let’s track the scammers


Hi what is the address he gave you for the UN and the account Number or bank under who’s name see if we have same one or they are many of them


A guy named John Michel contacted me on Instagram using those pictures from the dr. He asked me to send him some pictures from, and I asked the same. He said hus IG profile was hacked! He make a terrible mistake, he sent a picture with the real name of the doctor!!!! hahaha
He denied it, that person is so stupid, I send a picture from the real doctor with his wife!!!!!!


Was scammed by a guy named Henry slogan saying he was this man. And I thought I was talking to his kids.

Beth C

Facebook profile Chris Nasker is using these pictures as well, I know better than accept friend requests at face value. Family member lost over $5,000 because of a Facebook scammer. I know of some people who know others that have lost tens of thousands of dollars.

Everyone should do their due diligence when accepting friend requests there are too many scammers out there, we are responsible for our accounts and who we accept as friends and if we believe they are who they say they are.


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Mecleș Mariana

Prin intermediul publicități dumneavoastră foarte multe persoane în general de gen feminin sint înșelate de diferiți indivizi , v am informat pentru că am dovezi solide , primit numeroase fotografii cu persoana dumneavoastră , și cere ajutorul in bani cu promisiunea că înapoiază ,ba chiar și sună pe houngout de unde credeți dumneavoastră că acele persoane știe că este sau nu persoana din fotografii , toți se bazează pe faptul că vorbește cu cel din fotografii , pină se descoperă falsul . De ce nu faceți demers că acele persoane să fie prinse pentru că cu ajutorul dumneavoastră și cu… Read more »

Mecleș Mariana

Vă rog din suflet incercati tot posibilul să fie prins acest individ care folosește fotografii dumneavoastră pe houngout pentru că a început să folosească și wattsapp tot pe numele de William Paul vrea să i să trimită bani in Nigeria pe numele de Erhiga Ovie pe wattsapp folosește numărul de telefon+1 (540)348_2291 și folosește imagini cu doctorul Samadi David, Vă rog din suflet luați legătura cu acest domn doctor poate reușim împreună să fie prins acest individ.O zi bună.

Mecleș Mariana

Vă rog din suflet incercati tot posibilul să fie prins acest individ care folosește fotografii dumneavoastră pe houngout pentru că a început să folosească și wattsapp tot pe numele de William Paul vrea să i să trimită bani in Nigeria pe numele de Erhiga Ovie pe wattsapp folosește numărul de telefon+1 (540)348_2291 și folosește imagini cu doctorul Samadi David, Vă rog din suflet luați legătura cu acest domn doctor poate reușim împreună să fie prins acest individ.O zi bună.


same here.. just last night and today and when i confronted the scammer, he blocked me.

Sue Stackhouse

Yeah me too. Thomas Fedrick.
I asked him on Wednesday, if he can take a photo of himself right now, he said no I can’t he said cause my camera isn’t available or not working too well on his computer. Then I said what about Ur phone, then he did. Anyway I decided to check his previous etc out, na he’s a scammer. He stolen this Doctors identity. I have sent him the scammer what I have found about him along with the real person and him the scammer. Since then I have blocked him.


He talking with me last night 😭😭😭

Juanita Jo Tucker

He started talking with me on the 24th of May this year also. Using the name Fredrick. We have talked every day for the past 2 months several times a day. I just found out about the doctors photos an hour ago.

Luis Perez

You was not talking to this person you was talking to a scammer.

Danka Berak

Meni se predstavio kao Jake Lukas iz Villaha. Rekao mi je da radi kao doktor pri americkoj vojsci u Kabulu.