Jim Newman

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers. If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money

Jim Newman is an American actor, writer, producer and director. He was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, currently lives in Burbank, California. He has written animation scripts for Casper, Toonsylvania and Mega-Babies.

Jim Newman – Wiki  Jim Newman – Imdb

Remember Jim Newman’s face if you see him again!

This gallery features photos of Jim Newman that were used by African scammers on dating sites!

The gallery features photos of Jim Newman that were used by African scammers on dating benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites. 

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Marie-Therese Villachon
Marie-Therese Villachon

Bajo el nombre de Matteo Gomez.Se pone en contacto conmigo desde sepetiembre hasta febrero 2020 a traves de instagram lo conoci y conversaciones en WhatsApp. Vivia en Paris. Viaje de negocio, venta de 365 coches en Abidjan. Cuentas bloqueadas suyas. Pide ayuda. Pagos notas hoteles, con cuentas o neosurfs. Heredero de su padre una fortuna. Su maman fallece. Decide dejar la venta y entrar en Francia. Al aeropuerto esta detenido por compra de oro robado. Entre el vomisario y el joyero se decide una multa. Sin dinero vende un coche al joyero y asi salda su multa. Esta ahora en… Read more »

Maria rosa

I was playing Wordon while wondering about the friendship of a man with these photos posing as Jon Woodrow who worked as an engineer on an oil rig. In 8 months of discussions (from February to October 2019) I fell in love with it and it seemed reciprocal …. but it was so compelling that I lent money .. and I lent x to pass money for him from a friend of his to one of his colleagues in nigeria …. Until the bank opened my eyes … I explained myself and denounced. Jim Newman (not a scammer) .. 😰… Read more »

Sarah bachinsky
Sarah bachinsky

I no him we tolk ever day


I have several photos of him, ( Jim Newman someone portraying him and more messages then I can count telling me how much he was falling in love with me and wanted to marry me….I am broken 💔 and crushed beyond EVER Trusting a man again…..This happened on a dating site in Illinois saying he lived in Kincaid, IL….even gave me his phone number which was a Michigan phone number and he said he use to live in Michigan….Forever ruined!!! I will NEVER Trust another man as long as I live…. Michelle L


I have been contacted with at least one of these photos above, and other photos not shown, along with videos. He is blocked from contacting me through email or text with numbers that I was given by him.