Joshua M. Porter

Have you seen this man before? His photographs are particularly popular with African scammers. If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money!

Joshua M. Porter – was a paratrooper in the US Army. Born in Destin, Florida. In 2012, for the first time, he presented his photos on Modelmayhem, acting as a male model in the fitness modeling industry, his unique body type was an advantage. But due to the fact that Joshua had many good photos in military uniform, he caught the attention of Internet scammers from all over the world and became a victim of identity theft.

Joshua M. Porter – Modelmayhem

Remember Joshua Porter’s face if you see him again!

This gallery features photos of Joshua Porter, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the man in the photos, has no relation to fraud, his photo is used by bad people for benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.   ScamHatersUnited

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    1. Hi Diana I just want to say I been chatting to this guy for quite some time. Don’T reply as there is currently an investigation as he is trying to make as he loves you but just want monies all the time as soon his involve. I was this morning at the investigation office for 4hrs and its a big syndicate. So pse. save yourself lots of headaches. They tracked him and my phone is currently with investigators. If you reply my email address is:

    2. Diana! Real Joshua Porter is not registered on dating sites. All accounts that have his photos or even his name are fake!

  1. hi this guy got in touch with me, I from the uk, He is insisting he’s the real Joshua m porter, he is using Hangout to talk to me and has sent me an email with his name and number attached to it, has also sent me a document that does have mr Joshua m porter on which has come from a logit company as I checked, is there anyway I can still check to find out if its really him, how would I check out his mobile number ????

  2. Josephine Koch
    Hey Guys! I`m from Switzerland and a week before I went in the dating site called TWOO. Which I known this guy with the name
    Thomas Hammond but now I found out his real name is Joshua M. Porter!!! At the moment he is still chatting with me. But now I found out that this guy is using the profile/identity of Joshua Porter so I think I have to block him as soon as possible. Thanks that I realized to check out the information of this guy from the picture and I found out the truth,,,I am sure the one who`s chatting with me now is not the right Joshua Porter!!! So be carefull everybody, always check out the right information of the person your chatting with….

  3. This is the real man scamming. I reported this tp investigators on what happened to me aswell with evidence. The whole of women is reporting him on all sites and investigators came back and said it is the real person scamming. They are a team working together and will soon be brought to book. Don’t send monies. Pse they are scammer and been linked to all sites. Thank you Just a warning.
    Zelda Erasmus

  4. I got an email from a person using this guys pictures on plenty of fish. What this person didnt know is I myself am in the military too. Said he was an E8, but see when you get promoted your name gets published on the list as this is public knowledge. Yep you guessed it dude was not it. He kept on that he was the real Joshua ah blah I said fine send me your military I’d, and video chat me. No word since.

  5. Ele agora tá se apresentando como PSmith. 15/06/2019
    Safado diz que ama e depois pede $3110 para tratamento, porque foi em missao e se feriu.

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