Josie Ann Miller, Josie Model

Have you seen this girl before? Her photos are very popular among African scammers. If you have seen her photo on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer, with the goal of earning money on the deception of gullible people!

Josie Ann Miller or Josie Model – American or Canadian adult model and web model. Josie Model received wide acclaim due to the fact that her photos began to be used by scammers. She made many attractive photos that can be found in large numbers on the Internet. Internet users do not know the details of her model. Josie was clearly not a star in anticipation of popularity. Some claim that she is married, others say that she currently lives in the United States, in Australia, in England … No one knows anything, since it is unknown how old her photos are and where they were taken. From this obscurity, Josie Model is the perfect candidate for scammers. Some videos from Josie Model’s webcam also circulate online on platforms like Youtube and Dailymotion.

Josie Model – Arnaqueinternet

Remember Josie Model’s face if you see her again!

This gallery contains photos of Josie Model, which were used by African scammers on dating sites!

Remember, the girl in the photos has nothing to do with fraud, her photo is used by bad people for benefits!

Cases of fraud using photographs of this person are also mentioned on other sites.

romancescam.com     fake-scam.info     scamsurvivors.com

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This site is about online scams! We inform people that they not to be deceived by scammers who use stolen photos.


  1. Wer hat noch Erfahrungen mit der Person gemacht, die die Fotos von Josie Anne Millerbenutzt?

  2. This week, a woman looking like her contacted me on Skype using the handle Lovely Belinda. Her location was Accra, Ghana.

    1. Wer hat noch Erfahrungen mit der Person gemacht, die die Fotos von Josie Anne Millerbenutzt?

  3. ACHTUNG!!!! Sie nennt sich nun Mary Asiamah Johann, angeblich 32 Jahre alt und wohnt in Stuttgart.

  4. She use the Name Mercy nass Aluko also and her story is us Student at Nigeria at the seven day Adventist school of nursing… She need monye for to leave Nigeria…

  5. THAT SCAMMER MARI DUPONT,,, Alias,, Josie Ann Miller…
    Sometimes she come in Hangout,some times in skype , but i will no more talking with that BITCH…! The best she can is beg me about some money to be …!
    You have to see with that woman to be …

  6. Danielle delaunay
    Name that I have received from date site is Mila Wilson
    They are using another name kwansah also
    Want money for gold export to usa

    1. Ive been talking to a girl named charlotte ofori for two years she says thst she is josie miller is there any way to verify that

  7. I was just contacted yesterday by Sandra Osei from Ghana. She claimed to have stumbled across my Skype contact and seemed very friendly and lonely. I chatted with her long enough to find she was 29, was stranded in Ghana but was working for a “Charity House” to pay back her evil gold baron fathers excess riches, and liked my profile pic.

    She sent some very lovely photos and encouraged me to send some of my own. I had to sign off and after thinking about this conversation a bit I decided to investigate. After a few different searches I came across this and several other sites. I even found the pictures she sent me. I am glad I didn’t go any further into that mine field.

    1. Ich chatte eine ganze Weile mit einer Marilyse Faure…ist mir ähnlich ergangen..unglaublich wie viele verschiedene Tel.nummern die hatte..

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