Scammer with photo of Kang Hyun Su

Nickname: Mr Kim
Photo stolen from Kang Hyun Su


Text of report

Original: 이사기꾼 직업이: 파리에서 2년동안 대기업 선임컨설턴트
하고 있었대요…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
저를 마음흔들리고 하는 사람입니다… 너무 궁금해서 인터넷으로 쳐봤더니…ㅋㅋㅋ
성형외과 강현수 얼굴이 뜨네요. 이사람은 “아 사기꾼이구나” 생각했어요;;;;
돈은 안했고 마음만 흔들어 놓고 연락끊고 신고,차단 했어요!! 이 사진 올려주세요!!

Eng: A mover’s job: Senior consultant for a large company in Paris for 2 years
He said he was doing it… lol
He is a person who shakes my heart… I was so curious that I looked it up on the Internet… hahaha
Kang Hyun Su, a plastic surgeon, has an open face. This person thought “Ah, he’s a scammer”;;
I didn’t pay, I just shook my heart, cut off contact, reported, and blocked!! Please post this picture!!

Kang Hyun Su

Remember, photos are used by scammers to trick other people. Always check the photos on the Internet, always try to call by video like skype or WhatsApp to see this person’s face live.

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This site is about online scams! We inform people so that they are not deceived by scammers who use stolen photos. You can send your story to [email protected]

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