How to avoid becoming a victim of scam on dating sites and social media

The Internet has become an integral part of our life, many people have their own pages on social networks and on dating sites, so online communication in the modern world is more than a common thing. But do you really trust the person you met online?
Before you trust your feelings and experiences to a stranger, it is worth thinking many times. Unfortunately, this can often be a common fraud with a well thought out plan. Your “virtual” friend may have serious life problems, for the solution of which he will need a certain amount of money, and he will ask them from you. After you transfer money to him, he can disappear forever from your life or, on the contrary, continue to lure money under other pretexts.


So why did the scam choose you? The secret lies in the information that you yourself told about yourself in social networks. Be sure, before writing, the scammer has carefully studied your page and realized that he could benefit from this communication! Their task is to receive the maximum possible amount of money in a short period of time.

The main mistakes that people make in social networks on their pages


  1. Do not post provocative photos on your profile

A scammer can determine everything he needs from your photos. Often, girls publish photos, where you can see their cool phones, photos from clubs and restaurants, photos of new decorations and beautiful housing. Especially if there is no permanent guy in the photo, it means that the girl pays for everything herself, so there is money. With enough attention to detail and little experience, the fraudster will easily select such questionnaires and start his game.

  1. Do not give your residential address

When you publish your home photos, which marked the address, and it is also a prestigious area – this may also interest the fraudster. Also, do not post photos that show where your children study, what kindergarten they go to. Everything is immediately visible and very quickly can be determined from the photo of an elite institution or not. And even in correspondence, try to avoid answers to such questions – so you will give the scammer less reason, and you will save children from meeting unpleasant people.

  1. Do not write about your place of work.

Scammers always view your status, job and wealth. By this criterion, they understand how much money they can “ask” for you. In this case, in the correspondence it is better not to talk about work, but about some general matters and in no case specify your earnings.

  1. Hide your real financial opportunities

If you still decide to post photos of your car or other expensive things, then at least do not tell that you could easily get them. It is better not to answer questions about your financial capabilities at all. And always remember that any such questions, especially in correspondence, are asked by those who really want to know something about your money. In extreme cases, answer that you bought on credit or had to borrow money and still hand out debts.

  1. Think about your statuses

There are two kinds of statuses that attract scammers. Independent is a strong woman who can help everyone who asks. Crying is when everything is deplorable in the life of a girl, she just broke up with her boyfriend or she had an unrequited love. Also, fraudsters pay attention to the status of “Active Search.” This is a sign that the girl wants too much to find a suitable man and will be ready for much for his sake. These girls are very easy to get into trust. An attentive person, having looked through your page, already knows what to write about and what to do in order to position you in relation to yourself and in the future it is easy to manipulate you..

  1. Photos only with pets

Such photos say that you are affectionate, kind and naive. And for the cheater, this is the main criterion. He understands that you are alone, because photos only with cats and dogs, that you pay a lot of attention to them, that you take care of them and therefore expect the same care to yourself. And if someone needs help next to you, you will immediately rush to help. At this point, the fraudster can easily ask you for money of the “type” for the treatment of a sick child, food for animal shelter, and so on. Or soften you with a tearful story about your illness, a serious problem, and so on.

  1. Don’t give in to your emotions

Most of the lies in the networks are made through the emotions of the victim. Understand and remember: a man in love or at least just interested in you, even in a very difficult situation for him, will try not to strain you with financial and similar requests and, moreover, will not allow you to have negative emotions associated with him in the first stages. A normal person will, on the contrary, protect you from his problems and try to show himself from the best side. And if he talks about some of his problems, he will definitely refuse your help, in any case, until your relationship becomes stable.

Young couple having a quarrel

Therefore, constantly pay attention to your emotions. If you notice that the interlocutor’s words cause you pity or guilt – this is a 100% divorce, or your vis-a-vis really doesn’t appreciate the relationship with you. Communication with such people should be stopped no matter how interesting they are to you and how they depicted themselves in correspondence. As a last resort, if it seems to you that the person is very suitable for you and has real problems, refuse to help under any sufficiently weighty excuse. And look at the reaction of the interlocutor. Or offer him the amount that you don’t mind losing or paying for the opportunity to get to know a person. Let it be a ridiculous amount of a few dollars (but not tens and not hundreds). By this you show that you want to help, but there is simply nothing. And a possible fraudster in further communication with you will show his true face.

Now you know the seven major mistakes that can lead to trouble in the network, to communicate with the crook and the loss of money. Remember, lending money is only for those people whom you know well personally, and not for those with whom you have communicated well on the Internet. Be attentive and careful! And then your dating online will bring you pleasure and happiness.

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