What can you do if you become a victim of an online scam from a social network?

“Someone spoke to me yesterday on his behalf … A completely different person, a stranger to me … For two years I learned everything about him, his style of writing and communication style, his good and bad mood, but yesterday, it was not him, or it was real he … a real demon … ”


We are stupid, people who live in an ordinary calm world, we are absolutely stupid and unfit for the dangers of the external environment. None of us are ready to meet with a scammer. We can be deceived even by a small African child, what can we say if you get into psychological captivity to a real experienced scam.

Who is a scammer?

Let’s look at options for the development of events after you are interested in a scammer!


The easiest and less painful option – he wants to get the money!

In a short time, the scammer will try to fall in love with you. He will make you believe that you are the one and only, that you are his hope and support, a woman for life! Ob will manipulate the mind so skillfully that it would never occur to you to doubt it. And you know that if you are very lucky and this guy turns out to be a fake (the American military in Afghanistan, a doctor from Brazil, or an engineer at an oil-producing station), you can get rid of his charms very quickly. But if this guy is real, and he will contact directly without using fake profiles, then I am very sorry, I am sure that you will go through a very difficult school of survival in the conditions of a psychic assault on the African scam.

How to recognize a scam on a dating site?

So, money is the simplest thing he can ask for. There are a lot of methods of luring money:

  • He may run out of cash to buy an Internet card for the phone, and there will be a terrible threat of separation from the “beloved woman”;
  • He may have an incurable congenital disease of the “gastro-cardiac” tract, which he cannot really explain;
  • He will want to send you Afghan gold from the United States, but the parcel will be stuck at customs in Ghana, and you will also have to pay for this;
  • He will want to come to you, but at the last moment, something will happen and he will need your urgent financial assistance. And in no other way, you are “almost a wife”!

There are many such ways, but the result is always the same, he will ask for money!


Remember for life, know the most important rule of Internet communication: NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE! Under no circumstances!

If none of the above works, then he will use the cruelest way of demanding money – blackmail! It can be anything, he will threaten to jump from the roof or cut his veins, or he may threaten to tell your friends some personal information about you, especially if he has your personal erotic photos. Another popular threat, he can say that he will publish your photos on adult website indicating your phone number. Most likely, this will not happen! You are not so special for him that he would spend time on revenge on a woman who already took a lot of his attention. If this has already happened, do not despair, just do not enter into blackmail, block it and forget about it, it will be less painful!

Dating scammer info 17

If he understands that you have no money, he will want to use you!

Imagine, you are working a lot on some important projects, but in the end, it turns out that this project was a failure from the very beginning. What to do? It is necessary to somehow compensate for your investments and squeeze out the maximum possible so that it would not be so insulting! If he understands that you have no money, after six months of communication, he will be furious because of his time and money spent on buying Internet cards. Options for further developments:

  • “My love, we must be with you, but none of us has money to realize our dream, no one will help us, we must do it together! I have an idea! You are so beautiful, all men love you, it can help us to be together. If you talk to even a few men and ask them for money, they will help us to be together. You don’t have to do anything, just talk to them sometimes on Skype, I will do the rest for us. I myself will communicate with them on your behalf, because, my love, I can’t even imagine that you will communicate with another man, you are only mine … But now we need their help, so please help us rather be together ”… It was this phrase I once heard!

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? This is an attempt to appeal to prostitution and co-operation in Internet fraud, with a demonstration of your pretty little face.

WHAT WILL YOU BE FOR THIS? It all depends on the extent of fraud, which you will not even know about! He will not be anything, because he will remain in the shadows, no one in Africa will get him, and in our countries INTERNET FRAUD IS CRIMINALLY PUNISHED !!!


All social networks are viewed by the government, if necessary, everything you talked about, everything you sent to him can be checked by the authorities! AND YOU CAN PLACE IN PRISON !!!

Another scenario:

African police began to actively catch Internet scammers, imagine that they will catch your “lover” and find your correspondence about it, even if you delete this correspondence, guess what? YOUR “LOVED” SAVES ALL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU! He may even have a file about you, but you know why, because he has dozens of different women, and he physically does not have time to remember and communicate with all of you. Therefore, during the period of communication with the fraudster, on his behalf, you will have time to communicate with all his accomplices! Sorry for this cruel truth! But we will not stop falling into such situations if we do not talk about it!

There are other ways to use a person:

  • Be an intermediary in the transfer or storage of stolen goods;
  • Cashing fake checks and transferring money to a fraudster and so on.

Be vigilant and smart, do not be afraid of him, let him better publish your photos on adult website than because of him you will go to jail! Prioritize correctly!


A friend of mine said that scammers are interested in three things: money, food, and s**! If a fraudster does not knock money out of you or engage in fraudulent fraud, he will try to use your body, of course, this will only happen if he does not have a wife and children at home. Fraudsters are also men, African men love s** more than men of other countries, this is officially confirmed statistics. He may ask you for phone or video s**, he will call you his woman and accuse him of not being satisfied! He can also say that he will go to another woman, this is perhaps the most ridiculous threat because he goes to another woman anyway, any normal man needs s**. If you give him this, he will continue to use you until he is bored. And guess what? During s**, he can record all this on a video recorder on his phone. And then guess what? He will blackmail you with this too! It can record any of your video or audio call!

Digital video recorder is an application for recording video signal and sound in digital format on electronic media for the purpose of subsequent playback. In the Google Play Store, you can find any video recorder if you set this word in the search.



If you were a victim of a scammer, or are now in contact with such a person, do not be ashamed of this! The scammer makes you believe that no one except him will understand and love you! This is his psychological weapon! Do not consider yourself stupid because you fell for his lies! You are not alone, there are a lot of us, but we are afraid to communicate with each other, we are afraid to tell our friends or relatives about this. We are victims of psychological abuse – we need help!

Dating scammer info 18

How to avoid becoming a victim of scam on dating sites and social networks

Tell your friend about it, mother or daughter, no one will blame you! Talk to a psychologist! Sign up for dancing, go swimming or in the gym! Start attending a beauty salon! Buy yourself something! Travel! Find another man to help you quickly forget this story!

Unfortunately, since most scammers are in Africa, no one can physically stop or punish them. Our main weapon is INFORMATION !!! Say everything you know about him, write a lot of comments on women’s forums about fraud, start talking about this topic and maybe you can at least save someone from disappointment!


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This site is about online scams! We inform people so that they are not deceived by scammers who use stolen photos. You can send your story to [email protected]

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